What are “classroom strategies?” Classroom strategies are accommodations and supports that are used for the benefit of particular students in the classroom. There are many viable strategies available, but it is important to use strategies that are appropriate for individual learning styles and functionality.  The reason for implementing such strategies is to provide comfortable educational pathways regardless of academic abilities and/or physical limitations.

Who creates classroom strategies? A variety of people may have input on strategies that get used. Depending on the kinds of help needed to help a student access a curriculum, the people who create classroom strategies can include occupational therapists, speech therapists, behaviorists, or special education teachers.

In this blog, we will be presenting helpful strategies which can be used by parents and teachers to maximize success in the classroom.  We will be covering a variety of topics such as: organization, behavior plans, sensory diets, curriculum modification, classroom environment, time management, and tricks for easy transitions.  We hope to make this an interactive blog and welcome our members to contact us about specific situations you may be dealing with, as well as about methods that have or haven’t worked for your children and students.

Coming Soon: The Importance of Organization.
Organization—crucial to school success—is a challenge for many ASD kids (and their parents!).