At, we made a conscious choice to adopt a for-profit model initially, as a means of bringing our software to a broader market to help more people, faster. (We hope eventually to create a non-profit foundation to deliver these services to those who cannot afford them, too). Fundamentally, however, it has been our observation that, while non-profits are great at awareness and education, they’re just not set up to create personalized software tools that deliver sustained value to parents – at least not to date, or quickly.

As autism parents ourselves, we needed to square our heads with the notion that eventually we might charge fellow parent for a subscription service, so we always make sure the product passes the test of “If somebody had offered us this product when we first got started, would we have signed up for the deal?” Currently our tools are free to use, until you see their value.

Hence our main value proposition to parents:

Use a tool to create a plan of action; save time, worry less.
Spend less than 1% of what you already spend on your child’s special education services, to not waste the other 99%.

What donating to an autism non-profit charity, versus what an investment in could mean to you and special needs kids:


  • create-new-means

    Create new means to improve outcomes for special needs kids: better prognoses, customized programs, and better results for each child

    Investment capital can help us bring to market unique software tools that serve parents’ needs for customized and ongoing program tracking, care co-ordination among team members, and goal and support/scaffolding tactics recommendations. Making software that’s so valuable parents are willing to pay for it is the critical part of the software development feedback loop that non-profits miss.

  • amplify-the-benefi

    Amplify the benefit from your dollars

    By helping us bring to market software tools that meets parents’ needs for customized and ongoing progress tracking tools, you can help us reach more kids. We’re planning to build a service that is self-sustaining, and one that relies on spreading from users and providers to other user within the community, versus one that is generic, single-user, and limited in its spread by the continuous need for donors.

  • increase-classroom

    Increase Classroom Diversity for ALL kids

    These tools help special needs kids generalize what they learn in therapeutic settings and get the most from education–public or private, mainstreamed or in a special education classroom. The more special needs kids that can stay in mainstream classrooms, the more this benefits all kids, even typically developing ones: exposure builds empathy, understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for others.


If you’re interested in investing in, you can request more info about the company by contacting us here, and asking to sign up for our investor newsletter. Thank you for your interest in!