As parents of special needs children, we know there’s no spare time in a child’s development for “do-overs” or “trial-and-error.” You want to get it right the first time, to make the most of your resources for your child. We became frustrated with the paper-shuffling and wasted duplication of effort from the Do-It-Yourself tools we found available.

So we’re dedicated to providing effective, efficient, cloud-based tools to parents of special needs kids to help them track progress and manage their children’s education plans. And we’ve made our best-practices templates and wizards available anywhere, across devices, to ease coordination of care across your entire team or providers.

To start with, we’re gearing our business toward parents of children with autism, but we are working toward building a platform to help all special needs kids with their IEPs, and more. is built by and for parents, to help.


Get started a with a plan of action

during kids’ critical developmental windows, with “minimally invasive” evidence-based methods.


Avoid conflicts of interest

between school and family by creating better, measurable goals for your child.


Generate progress and profile data

to create data-driven recommendations on goals and methods in future releases of this app.

It’s all designed to lead to better outcomes for kids.

Based on our experiences learning the ropes of the special education system with our own child, we’ve created a unique and fully integrated, web-based platform we wish had been available when we were first starting out: try the tools for free and see if they work for you.

Use a tool to create a plan of action; save time, worry less.
Spend less than 1% of what you already spend on your child’s special education services, to not waste the other 99%.

Our mission is to build a self-sustaining enterprise, based on delivering value to those parents of special needs kids, instead of a charity continually asking for donations.

In that way, we also hope to bring these tools to market faster, and make them more widely available than they might otherwise be. We offer tools and recommendations for better educational and life outcomes for special needs kids, while protecting the privacy of parents and kids’ individual data.

Read more about us and our partners in this effort.