Quick Update Tonight

Uploading another quick update to our tool tonight during our regular maintenance window:  along with some other small new features, we’ve added the ability for parents to manage sending out reminders to your team on all your goals (or pick and choose who gets reminded for what) all from a single screen! Users may want to sign out 12am-4am PT (and get some sleep!). We”ll be there for you, refreshed and ready, in the morning.
-The MySpecialChildGuide.com Team

Another New Version, More Features Coming

As promised, we’re delivering an updated version of our tools — now with 1-button mobile progress updates, and facebook sharing to keep caregivers, grandparents, teachers, etc. (your whole team) apprised, up to speed, and involved — just in time for back to school.

A little bit of downtime late Sunday night, so USERS – HEAD’S UP! — be sure to log out of the tool (and get a bit of sleep) while the MySpecialChildGuide.com team delivers the next version, in time for Monday morning.

MySpecialChildGuide.com is FREE for parents to try, so… enjoy!

New Version Coming

New updated version of our tools going being uploaded Friday early AM (midnight-6AM PT, so you might want to log out then…)

We’re adding features to making it even easier for Parents to add/invite their teams to view their child’s plan (permissions before sending invites), and we’re making it easier for those team members to put in quick updates via email and/or text then.

Let us know what you think!

(Way to go, MySpecialChildGuide dev team!)