We are excited to continue expanding our offering to parents! In the coming months, we plan to provide the following:

Up next: “Build Your Next IEP”

We will soon release our tool that helps you create the next set of IEP goals (in time for the next IEP season), driven by our SMART Goal Wizard. This wizard will walk you step-by-step through the creation of goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.  You will then be able to review the goals with your team, receive feedback regarding areas of concern, scaffolding strategies, and any comments on anticipated transitions in the next school year.



On deck: “Recommendation Engine”

We plan to release a recommendation engine, whose release date will be driven by the number of subscribers.  We will use “big data/analytics” to aggregate anonymous profile data (where the name of the user will not be utilized) to find treatment strategies which have worked for children with similar profiles and goals.  These recommendations will be provided to the parents to explore with their treatment team, and will hopefully lead to better strategies and treatment implementations.

Tying it all together: Collaboration Tools

We plan to integrate a web-sharing interface to interact with your team. This will allow you to set up a meeting with your Care team at the touch of a button, in which everyone can join, no matter where they are.

Please let us know your thoughts…we’d love to hear from you, at info@myspecialchildguide.com