First and foremost, we have been in your shoes as a parent.  We learned what worked, and what didn’t, and used the “Do it Yourself” method of cobbling together a disparate set of tools (email, texting, Google Calendar, Blogspot, etc.) that more-or-less did the job. But the work of coordinating the various tools made interpreting our child’s progress and making the correct decisions for future steps a bit hit-and-miss. That said, there was nothing else out there that could help guide us, and we knew that the decisions we made, especially early on, were critical.  In creating this platform, we hope other parents will not have to reinvent the wheel. We will also continue to listen to your feedback on what else you’d like to see, and product sequencing decisions.

Another reason that we hope you stay with us, is that we will always strive to provide unbiased information, which is conflict-of-interest free (anyone who has had to deal with his insurance company month after month, or the school district year after year, can attest that not everyone who is supposed to be helpful or in your corner always has your best interest in mind).

One of our goals as a platform is to help you make the best decisions for you child and make your time as efficient as possible, ultimately giving you back hours in your day to perhaps get ahead of the curve (or even possibly to take a nap!).  Ultimately, by helping you clearly see how your child is progressing and identify where focus or goal areas need to be addressed or modified, we can provide some peace of mind, and a bit of “cognitive unloading:” all of the tasks that were previously managed via email, texting, and piles and piles of paper can now be managed in a single place.

As always, please feel free to provide feedback…we are listening!

– The Team

SMART Objectives

Creating SMART objectives is essential to your child’s success. In this video,
we will review what SMART objectives are, and discuss how you can create
better goals for your child.


Staying Motivated

Tracking your child’s progress is a road of peaks and valleys. In this video, we will
explore strategies for staying motivated during those times when progress
seems to be lacking.