Resources from Around the Web

As awareness of autism grows, there’s also an increasing number of products and services to help your family along the journey. We’ve compiled a list of companies and resources we’ve found to be especially helpful. Here they are, loosely grouped by category. Let us know your favorites, and why you like them!

Find The Right Therapist

This is not an easy one! There are many criteria to consider, from area of specialty, to experience, and compatibility with your child. And don’t forget about insurance network coverage! Here is a list of organizations and advice on how to choose.

Sensory Products & Toys

Kids with sensory processing issues are dealing with more than their typical peers, and can benefit from experiences that positively reinforce learning, help acclimatize them to sensory input, or simply provide soothing sensory input to help them relax and recharge.

Travel Ideas

Many parents travel as little as possible when they have a child with autism—the change in routine and the difficulty in finding restaurants, parks, or attractions to accommodate children who sometimes have very specific needs—can make the journey overwhelming for everyone. But there are travels groups, resorts, and airlines who do go the extra mile to help their customers with special needs, like providing door alarms in hotel rooms or have extra training for their staff. Here is a small starter list.

Sensory Friendly Clothing

It’s hard to pay attention and be your best when even your clothes are against you. Children with sensory processing issues can be very particular about their clothing, and those particulars can be hard to find. Some manufacturers not only make clothing that feels good—they also provide compression, built-in fidgets, or extra weight to help kids stay regulated.