What is the Goal Area in the Add a Goal section of the application?

The goal area is which area of development the goal corresponds to.

Who should I use as the “person responsible” for the goal?

The person responsible corresponds to the primary team member that would be responsible for providing support and updates to the goal.  You can also use the functional area of the person responsible (such as the SLP, ABA, class aide etc.)

What to do when you made a new milestone instead of filling in an update.

If you need to delete a milestone, simply click on the trash can icon, and that milestone will be deleted.  Please note, you can not delete the first milestone.

How do I add treatment team members and their phone numbers?

In order to add team members, you must enter their name and email and invite them via the app to join the team from the Goals menu. When a team member creates her own account, she will input her own phone number.

Why are confirmation emails needed, even for team members?

We need correct email addresses because that’s how MySpecialChildGuide.com communicates with you (send reminders, etc.) and ensures you are able to access the platform.

How do the permission levels work for the treatment team member?

There are three permission levels that the parent can grant:

Viewer:  This allows the person to ONLY view a goal, this person cannot make updates nor change the goal (i.e. allows for only read access to a goal).

Updater:  This allows the person to ONLY update goal progress and view a goal, but does not allow for the goal to be modified (i.e. allows for full read and limited write capability).

Owner:  This allows the person to view, update, or modify a goal (i.e. has full read and write permission).

What is the Baseline / Present Level?

This is a qualitative description of the child’s current level as it pertains to a goal.

What does “What’s Measured” mean?  How do I fill that in?

This value corresponds to the negative behaviors to be reduced, the number of positive behaviors to be increased, and can be a numeric value or a percentage.  For example, if the goal is to reduce the number of outbursts in class, then this is what is being measured.

What is the “Baseline Numeric Value?”

The baseline numeric value would correspond to the quantifiable initial value of the behavior being tracked, for example, if the goal were to reduce the number of outbursts in class, and  the child initially had 2 outbursts per day then the value would be 2 (per day), or 10 (per week).

What is a milestone?

A milestone is a date for to check in on expected progress.  There can be several milestones corresponding to a goal, and typically the milestone would be accompanied by an ‘expected level’ of progress.  For example, if the goal was to reduce the number of outbursts in class from 10 per week to 2 per week, then there could be 3 milestones corresponding with 8, 6 and 4 outbursts in class.

In what ways can I currently upload my child’s IEP goals?

We’re developing a process to allow you to scan and upload your child’s IEP; currently you need to enter the goals one at a time. You can cut and paste from a digital version of your IEP, as well as use our pull-down menus for options such as percentages, and whether goals are met.

Is my child’s information secure in the cloud?

Yes, we use the same super secret encrypted magic that Google uses to protect its servers.

Which mobile platforms are supported by this service?

As a web-based service, MySpecialChildGuide should be accessible by all mobile devices that have a web browser.

Does this service strictly track IEP goals, or can home ABA goals be tracked, as well?

The application is primarily designed to support IEP goals, but you can also utilize the application to track other non-school related goals as well.

Why do I need to input my credit card information?

At this time, we would collect credit card information only for future releases or services that require payment, such as one-touch conferencing.