As the co-founder and CEO of Autism Tools for Parents, my passion for helping parents of special needs kids comes from my experiences with my own son’s autism,

diagnosed at age 2 — and all the progress he has been able to make since those first years of intensive speech, behavioral, and occupational therapies. We know we are fortunate. My son is now in a mainstream classroom with typical peers and a minimal aid – but adapting to the initial diagnosis, learning those first few years about how put an education plan together and how to negotiate his first IEP (his first 8 IEPs, actually) was certainly a challenge for both my wife and I: there was lots of DIY (do it yourself), lots of learning on the job (at just the wrong time), and lots of conflicts of interest to navigate in getting what truly was best for our son. While developing the idea for AT4P and incubating the company, we followed two ͞guiding lights͟ from my background: Both my experiences building collaboration products for Cisco/WebEx (the world’s largest supplier of cloud-based ….