As a parent, my experience with autism and special needs kids comes via my wife, Sarah, who has worked as a long-time behaviorist aide for several autistic boys and girls.

Through Sarah’s experiences with these children, I’ve come to empathize with the difficult choices and loneliness these parents have face, while trying to come to terms with creating a plan of action for their child. This is what drove me and Russ Kahan to co-found Autism Tools for Parents. As COO and heading up AT4Ps business and channel partner development — having graduated from the US Air Force Academy and the University of Southern California Masters of Operations program, and previously been a veteran of several Silicon Valley startups in the application platform and mobile applications delivery space — together with Russ Kahan, we have vowed to build an app and an ecosystem to help parents to be able to track progress and make a difference in the outcomes for their children with special needs.